Painting Brilliant Colors Spring 2017

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A New Chapter - All New Lessons ~ Painting Brilliant Colors Begins!

Whether you've painted with me in my past online classes, or you're just getting started, Spring 2017 Painting Brilliant Colors will give you a whole new set of lessons. For the first time, we'll dip into palette knife work, we'll work on textured surfaces, and you'll get 6 weeks of the full length oil painting videos (plus a bonus week at the end). With a completely new Web site, all new graphics and professional HD videos, the spring class is the highest quality online experience available. We'll dip into color, composition, value and temperature. These are not 10 minute cell phone videos, these are not poor quality audio experiences. Every moment of Painting Brilliant Colors is aesthetically pleasing and filled with information you can use for years to come. Well organized and easy to navigate, the site and all of the presentations each week are beautifully rendered and richly presented. I'm so very excited to share this new journey with you!

  • Floral and landscape painting lessons
  • A dip into palette knife painting
  • Classes open through March 2018
  • Bonus lessons in multimedia
  • Watch from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Six weeks of full-length, professional HD oil painting videos

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Class is Open Through March 2018!

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I can't wait for my third online course with Nancy to begin this spring. Nancy is fearless and brings it in every way. Anyone on the fence - just look at all of us repeating flower friends! We all love Nancy and her courses!

~ Patricia W


I'm thrilled that our first lesson in the spring workshop will be irises! I can't wait to learn how to paint an iris as loosely as Nancy does! I'm from Stockton, California, and this is my third workshop. Nancy is an outstanding teacher!

~ Linda S


I enrolled in the 2016 spring course and have to say that this new 2017 course is far and away light years ahead! Congratulations Nancy and Carlos. You have totally outdone yourselves in the beauty and quality of this new online class!

~ Anita H


What You Get This Spring

Weekly videos with full length painting lessons and more

Fall in love with temperature shifts and learn to place them in strategic locations

Develop your intuitive superpower color skills

Essentials of value, temperature, chroma and hue explained in plain English

Practical hands on tips for bringing the brightest color to your palette

Here's Where Color Blooms

  • All new oil painting videos
  • A dip into palette knife oils
  • 6 Weekly lessons available through March 2018
  • Bonus multimedia texture painting lessons
  • An all new Web site and classroom experience

What's on the Brilliant Color Menu

The unique, exclusive never before seen content!
Landscape and floral paintings, plus bonus tips for acrylic painters
How to put the “wow” factor into your palette
A teacher who responds and critiques
All my favorite color mixing recipes with videos
Tips for painting from life
How to understand temperature and value in botanical paintings
The benefits of becoming a daily painter
Ways to reimagine color and give your palette some sizzle

Empower Your Flowers With

  • Lessons in oils, with guidance for acrylics provided throughout

  • All content available through March 2018

  • Open for all levels

  • Dynamic compositions – the building blocks explained

  • How to create powerful color impact in all of your work

  • Ways to free up your brush and paint loosely

  • Superpower color recipes

  • How to combine colors that attract collectors

  • How to discover and celebrate your own unique style

  • Floral and landscape painting lessons

  • Weekly tips on temperature, value and composition

  • How to market your art online

  • Color-packed lessons, videos, images and tips

  • Building strong light and shadow in nature

  • Membership in a private Facebook community

A Little About Me

I’m a gal who quit the corporate life, took the leap, and found her color wings! I left behind a job as the director of a national magazine to become a full time artist and art teacher. One morning I had an epiphany – Life is too short not to follow your bliss!

Today life is very busy in my little studio in Flower Mound, Texas, where I have the able assistance of my pugs and hubby (he loves to cook, we love to eat, it’s Kismet!). I teach in France, Italy, and across the US, and am a master signature artist and instructor for the Dallas Arboretum in oils and acrylics. I’ve been painting every day for eight years, so I’m officially at the point where intervention or medication could be required, but no one has taken my brushes yet!

Most importantly, I wake up each and every day excited. I’m an artist and a teacher. Everything I paint, all that I know, I share with my students. My joy is in helping you be the best artist you can be. Navigating this journey of color and discovery is not just a job description, it is a dream come true. What a joy, and an honor it is, to share it with you!

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How The Course Unfolds

Once class begins you'll receive

  • Six weekly lessons open through March 2018
  • A wholehearted experience of weekly painting lessons, studio tips, color inspirations and more
  • Membership in a private Facebook flower family
  • Email confirmation of your course details
  • Notification (and ticklers!) of the course open date
  • A super responsive helpdesk team
  • Access to the course web site and lessons for a full year

Going through the course

  • You’ll learn how temperature shifts can give delightful nuance in your petal shadows and highlights
  • How to fill your studio with low cost ways of economizing space and time
  • The beauty and savings of “found objects” for your artist toolkit
  • Tips on traveling with paints and how to use your tools
  • Step by step instruction on how to build strong light and shadow in nature
  • The secret to nurturing artistic intuition

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Join the color journey!

Painting Brilliant Colors - $475

  • Exclusive access to the course content
  • Access from your desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Floral and landscape painting lessons
  • Weekly studio tips and tricks
  • Color inspiration and superpower color tips
  • Membership in a private Facebook community with Nancy
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“Thank you so much, Nancy, a lot of credit goes to you, as this wouldn't have been possible without your brilliant guidance and teaching. This is the best painting e-course, hands down!”

Rohini M

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What supplies will I need to participate?

A link to the Painting Brilliant Colors supply list is provided by clicking here. I’m not fussy about the type of surface I paint on, I use stretched cotton canvas, linen panels, or ampersand gessoboards depending on what mood I’m in that day! The brush I use costs about $2, so keep four or five of these next to your palette. I do recommend saving your pennies on your surfaces and brushes and choosing professional quality paints.

I’m an acrylic painter just learning oils, is this for me?

In Flower Mound Studio, I work in acrylics and oils regularly. While the ecourse lessons for Painting Brilliant Colors are all in oils, I will be providing a bonus lesson in acrylics and oils in the fall class. Additionally, I provide guidance for my acrylic painters in our Facebook fan page chats with tips on how to convert acrylic color recipes to match the colors we will use in our videos, and the best approach to creating that loose, beautifully blendy oil technique with your awesomely fabulous acrylic paints.

What will we be painting?

We'll be painting, sunflowers, poppies, daisies, landscapes, and more! The rest I'm saving as a surprise for you, so you have a fun, colorful gift to unwrap and anticipate each week. I will say, you will not just be painting flowers in this course, expect some landscape exercises in brilliant color on the menu! I use the same basic palette for everything I create, whether it’s flowers, landscapes, or chickens, so you’ll find that the combinations become comfortable and familiar with each new painting lesson in the series.

Is the ecourse the same as your videos and live workshops

All the content in Painting Brilliant Colors is fresh and new, created especially for you with love, care by a team of professional videographers and photographers, smart computer type people, and one super busy artist who had a lot of caffeine on hand.

Do I need high speed internet

Yes – it will help alleviate frustration.

Can I share?

Please be mindful that is a private course for those who have registered and paid. Please do not share the ecourse content, videos, links, worksheets, photographs, slideshows, and materials. This is not fair play and I know you will respect that. You can, however, share snippets of your work and excitement on your blog and other social network sites!

Can I sell and exhibit the work I create in this workshop?

One of my intentions in this course is to help you develop your powerful and personal connection with painting from life. Your own style will show if you work from your own flower setups and photos. I’m happy for you to show and sell original, innovative work created. If however your work is more closely similar to the original paintings in the ecourse videos, that is all good, but I would ask that you don’t put those pieces out to exhibit or sell if they are close copies of my work. I trust that your heart will tell you what is too close.

Is there a refund policy?

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you have any questions about whether this is the right fit for you, please send an email before purchasing to


I just got back from taking three days of oil painting lessons from this fabulous lady! I learned so much in just 3 days. If you think her art is beautiful, you should meet her....she is kind, patient, funny, and most of all very knowledgeable about her art. She explains how to mix paints, how to apply them, and give your artwork a glow all its own. Her classes are organized and fun. Thank you, Nancy! I can't wait until I can take another class!

Jackie A


Nancy your workshop was absolutely marvelous. It was a very, very special for me. Total joy and peace! Thanks for the inspiration. I have studied all over the world and you are the best instructor I have ever had. You are something else!

Alice O


I am so pleased I had the opportunity to attend Nancy's workshop. It was one of the best workshops I ever attended. Nancy is an excellent teacher, very organized, patient and experienced. Surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers, she easily taught the workshop in oil and acrylic, I learned so much. In addition to being a fantastic artist she is truly a lovely person. I highly recommend her workshops!



Best workshop in America - thanks so much to Nancy for teaching, and for pampering us!

Libby A


I woke up this morning with this unexplained urge for a donut and to get my palette set up and see what I could paint today! I started out very intimidated joining your class, but finished by being inspired. I'm no longer focusing in how inexperienced I am or how amateur my painting looks, but just enjoying the pleasure of the experience. I'm going to try not to focus on how things are supposed to look, but rather how I see them. Going to practice, practice, practice! Thank you for all the goodies and making the workshop an unforgettable experience!



Nancy Medina’s classes are so popular here at the Dallas Arboretum we have scheduled additional classes for her students after our regular teaching season is over. Her classes often sell out and so we have a waiting list for her, she is a wonderful teacher!

Joy Matthews, Director, Adult Education The Dallas Arboretum


Nancy, your class exceeded my expectations! You are an awesome teacher, an amazing artist, and such a sweet person! I’m so blessed to have met you!



Nancy’s workshop was the best I’ve ever attended. I learned so much just in the first day about how to properly use transparent paint versus opaques, lifting paint, paint types, focal points and framing. As an intermediate artist, I didn’t know how to make the jump from painting from a photograph or copying someone else’s work in my quest to learn. Nancy teaches that beautifully and she teaches to al levels! I’d encourage any artist who wants to learn new skills, get inspired, or just have fun to sign up for one of Nancy’s workshops. She is a treasure!

Sheryl S


For my acrylic friends, Nancy is a great introduction to oils. Her impressionistic style is a super way to break out of the realistic shell. You will learn so much from just watching her...and listening, not to mention the hands-on painting. Do it!



Taking Nancy’s workshop was a dream come true! She is not only a very talented painter, but also an extremely good teacher. The technique she taught not only makes sense, it also allows your painting to be so vivid with bright color! I’m planning on taking another workshop, I have been practicing with the aid of her videos and can already see a great improvement.



Wow! What can I say? I had the most amazing time in Nancy’s workshop! It exceeded all of my expectations on every level and then some! I can’t wait to put into practice all the awesome techniques and tips she taught me. I hope to paint with her many more times in the future!

Sandy M


What a great time getting to know Nancy. If you’re ever looking for a GREAT class and awesome teacher, I can tell you she is excellent!

Nancy H


I wouldn’t take anything for the classes I took from Nancy. She is amazing. She opened up a painting ability that I had given up on. Thank you Nancy. You are truly one of a kind, that is so needed in this world of art by people that have that deep desire to create!



Nancy you have no idea how much of an inspiration you have been to me since I attended your workshop. I don’t attend many workshops and yours was a real splurge for me, but the returns were amazing. I learned so much about oil painting and handling oils, that alone would have been worth the price of admission. I re-read the notes I took during the workshop over and over again. I never realized how much I loved painting flowers and creating beautiful paintings. Thank you so very much for your sharing, your wisdom and your generosity of spirit. It has meant the world to me and been a tremendous gift to my work.



I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop and how it has improved and affected by being able to see form and color as strokes of paint, instead of obsessing over the minutia of detail that often intimidated me so much. I also finished another painting since the workshop. It was started in my “old style” and I finished it appropriately, but it was definitely informed by the wonderful quality of sight you taught me in just a few hours. I am also investigating a couple ways to market my work more effectively, as a result of your discussion during the workshop. Mostly, it is just a joy to paint and I thank you for sharing your talent and fun personality.



I was fortunate to take a workshop with the amazing artist, Nancy Medina, this summer. Kudos to you Nancy, on how you are bringing your talent, style and personality to so many workshops this year. You’ve made a lot of painters very happy. It amazes me how you can paint impressionistically and still have it look so real and spot on. Your color matching is always amazing. To those of you who do not realize it, Nancy goes directly to the canvas without any preparatory drawing, just her paint and a little glaze, and look how well she captures her subjects. Nancy you are the real thing.



Nancy, I just have to tell you how much your workshops have meant to me. I haven’t been painting exactly your subject matter or how you set it up but when those elements are in my paintings, like foliage, flowers, tabletops, it’s always the best part of my painting. I’ll paint as often as I can at home and when I take it into class, my teacher will tell me where I need work. The pattern I’ve noticed is that when she looks at the flowers or foliage, she’ll say, Leave that part alone - don’t touch it! When that happens, I always think to myself, Nancy taught me that. I just wanted to give you a big shout out and let you know how much you’ve helped me. Also, whenever I can, I plan to take another workshop!



This was the most incredible workshop I have ever attended. Nancy is not only an amazing artist, but her instructional techniques and style are unmatched as far as I am concerned. I have attended many workshops and Nancy’s far exceeded my expectations. If you are on the fence about taking her workshop I promise you, you won’t regret it. It was not only a fabulous learning experience but Nancy makes it fun.



I just absolutely loved the workshop. I’ve been wanting to paint a certain way for years. Thanks to you, I’m on the brink of achieving that elusive goal - you are a delight!



Thank you for the great teaching skills - this is the very BEST present I’ve received in a long while!



When I signed up for Nancy's online course, I had high hopes of how she might stretch to bring us along, but she has indeed exceeded my expectations. Bravo to Nancy for being the Artist that is not afraid to follow her authentic colorist heart, embracing the fantastic as well as the sheer realism of flowers that sing out, "See our beauty".

Patricia M


I took Nancy's first online course in Painting Brilliant Colors and it was amazing. Truly a talented, professional teacher with a lot to share. I'm excited to see what the new class will be!

Alix N


Nancy, I watched all the videos and printed all the downloads, made notes on legal pads and added color mixes on my index cards. WOW! Nancy Medina, this is a fabulous course and I can't even imagine what other goodies you have in store for us. I have taken two workshop classes in person with Nancy, but this is great. I can stop, take notes, rewind, look again, listen again. Love, love, love it! Sitting here in my PJs with coffee absorbing it all. The chocolate comes later! Thank you so much Nancy, and you make me smile!

Patricia S


I have just finished the 5th module and MUST make a comment. I have taken a number of painting classes (including fine arts courses in college). The more recent ones have been one-week workshops with renowned artists indoors and outdoors. All cost the same as this course AND MORE. With the exception of one other teacher (my grandma), there hasn't been a better, more concise instructor come my way. Nancy Medina is informative in a way that is easy to understand. She repeats the important stuff (cool colors retreat, warm colors advance), frequently, so that it becomes ingrained in our heads. She shows us brush-stroking-technique. She shares the alternative color mixing choices, how to photograph your work upon completion. She is GENEROUS with her knowledge. A simple thank you really isn't enough!

Debbie G


I just watched all four modules. Incredible, Nancy. I can't wait to paint. Later this afternoon, I think. My husband watched part of it, too. His comment, "she is very poetic." I thought that was sweet. He is right!

Cheri W


Nancy the e-course is awesome! You are so helpful, along with all of your staff. This has to be a dream come true for you. All your hard work has come to fruition, and we all get to enjoy the fruits of your labor! The level of professionalism in the videos, the downloads, and all the help that is given is more than I expected. Thank you so much!

Sheila O


Nancy's first e-course was amazing. I'm still working on the lessons! I learned so much, with super support. Thank you, Nancy, for offering us this new opportunity!

Sylvia H


Thrilled with my purchase of Painting Brilliant Colors!!

Vicki N